Retail Insurance

Retail insurance protects you against the many risks you face when selling online or in store. We’ve worked closely with hundreds of entrepreneurs who have trusted us to insure their businesses with policies that best suit their business needs. Whether it be selling watches, toys, clothing/apparel, pet products, or any of the other millions of products that you can publicially sell, you’ll need retail insurance to protect your business from unexpected theft, product defects, and other potential liabilities.

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How much does Retail Insurance Cost?

The costs of your retail insurance will vary depending on the size of your business, years of experience, store size, and more. Some aspects that are taken into consideration when determining the cost of your policy includes:

  • Location & Store Size
  • Number of Employees
  • Years of Experience & Projected Revenues
  • Projected Yearly Gross Revenue

Who needs Retail Insurance?

We insure all types of retail businesses and products. Whether you sell dog toys, clothing, furniture, glasses, beauty products, and more, we offer all the coverages you may need to protect your business from injuries, potential lawsuits, and other liabilities that could unexpectedly arise.

We’ve insured more than 1,000 en across the industry. Some construction contractors we’ve insured include:

  • Retail Store Owners
  • Drop Shipping Stores
  • Wholesale Manufacturers/ 
  • Subcontractors & specialty trade contractors
  • Developers & Owners
  • Construction Service Firms
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Interior Construction Workers
  • Painters
  • Plumbers
  • General Contractors
  • Roofers 
  • Reno Contractors
  • Welders

What does Retail Insurance cover?

Our retail insurance specialists will work with you directly to create an insurance plan that protects you from the many risks you face in your industry.  

You’re retail insurance will offer coverages including:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Cyber Liability Insurance

At MyBrokers, we have partnerships with over 120 insurance providers to offer the best rates and most options on your retail insurance! We’re going to work with you to create the best plan that suits your business structure!