Condo Insurance

Condo insurance protects you, your belongings and upgrades that aren’t covered in your condo buildings master insurance policy. Condo insurance will protect you from any expected loss and damage that could occur in the event of an accident, theft, and more. We’ve insured thousands of proud Canadian Condo Owners and partnered with over 120 of the top insurance companies to offer you the best condo insurance rates available on the market

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How much does Condo Insurance Cost?

The costs of your Condo insurance will vary depending on the size of your living space, your location, and more. Some aspects that are taken into consideration when determining the cost of your policy includes:

  • The square footage of your condo living space
  • The year your building was built
  • The area your condo building is located

What does Condo Insurance cover?

Our insurance specialists will work with you to offer you a simple, yet complex insurance policy that protects you, your belongings, and home from any expected accidents. 

You’re Condo insurance will offer coverages to:

  • Damage, Theft, Or Loss To Personal Belongings
  • Damage or Loss to Condo Upgrades
  • Fire Protection

At MyBrokers, we have partnerships with over 120 insurance providers to offer the best rates and most options on your Condo Insurance

How can I save money on Condo Insurance?

Condo Insurance covers you against any unexpected costs that arise when accidents occur. Condo Insurance protects you from having to pay large amounts of money in the events of any damage that could occur from an accident and more. 

We’ve insured more than hundreds of Condo Owners across Canada. Here’s some ways for you to save money on your Condo Insurance:

  • Bundle Your Condo + Vehicle Insurance with us to get an extra discount on your insurance policies
  • Maintain a positive financial credit score 
  • Increase your Deductible – The higher your deductible rate the lower your month to month payments on your insurance. If you can afford a $1,000 repair for your Condo, you should consider requesting an increased deductible of $1,000 with us so that you have lower monthly payments on your insurance
  • Reduce Your Exposure to Theft, Damage, and Loss – install a security system, replace outdated plumbing and electrical, etc. Speak with one of our insurance advisors for tips on how to save on your insurance costs


At MyBrokers, we have partnerships with over 120 insurance providers to offer the best rates and most options on your Condo Insurance